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KastorSoft Screenshot App

We’re going to take a quick look at a Snipping Tool application on another OS today. Namely ‘Screenshot’ from KastorSoft for the Android OS. Screenshot is a free app, but like most free apps there’s a small amount of which can be removed for the princely sum of US$1.53. Also your device needs to be Rooted before Screenshot will run on it.

Once started Screenshot displays a clean interface (right), with the main option being the ‘Start Capture’ button.

Camera icon displayed in notification area
Camera Icon

Clicking on this runs the app in the background allowing a screen capture to be taken when desired. A small camera icon can be seen in the Android Notification Area at the top of the display when Screenshot is running.

Whilst Screenshot is running you can easily take a screen capture by pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously or the power and volume down buttons. On my Galaxy S4 I must admit it seemed easier to use the power and home buttons.

When capturing a white border flashes around the screen and your camera shot sound is heard. You are then taken to the Screenshot App where you can crop the image before saving or discarding.

Your screen capture is then available in your gallery.

Screen capture of Screenshot
Screen capture of Screenshot!