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Screenshot of Iphone: How to take Iphone Screenshot

How to take screenshot of the Iphone.

3 Free Screen Capture Software as replacement to Windows 7 Snipping tool

Great Free Windows Screen Capture tools as replacement for Windows 7 Snipping tool.

Snapshot of screen Office 2010

Taking Screenshots of screen have always been problematic to attain on PCs, but now users can take a capture of their screen in one simple step within any of the Office 2010 programs.

Microsoft Snipping Tool

Microsft Snipping Tool is a great applications for business as well as personal applications. For those that develop PowerPoint presentations this is a dream come true. You can copy screenshots, images or anything else that shows on the computer screen with just a snip.

Download snipping tool for xp?

The Microsoft Snipping tool is only available for certain versions of the Windows 7 programs. If you want to download snipping tool for XP then you are out of luck.