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3 Free Screen Capture Software as replacement to Windows 7 Snipping tool

Great Free Windows Screen Capture tools as replacement for Windows 7 Snipping tool.

Snapshot of screen Office 2010

Taking Screenshots of screen have always been problematic to attain on PCs, but now users can take a capture of their screen in one simple step within any of the Office 2010 programs.

Microsoft Snipping Tool

Microsft Snipping Tool is a great applications for business as well as personal applications. For those that develop PowerPoint presentations this is a dream come true. You can copy screenshots, images or anything else that shows on the computer screen with just a snip.

Download snipping tool for xp?

The Microsoft Snipping tool is only available for certain versions of the Windows 7 programs. If you want to download snipping tool for XP then you are out of luck.

Snipping Tool for XP

If you have windows XP then you may have noticed that you cannot find the snipping tool. This is because based on my experience the Snipping Tool does not work with Windows XP Professional.