Using the Snipping Tool with a HotKey

Windows, very fortunately, has some great HotKey functionality already built in for users to customise. Possibly the only downside we can see is that to use the HotKey functionality you have to create a shortcut on your desktop for the snipping tool. A small price to pay may be.

Anyway here are the steps to setting up a HotKey for the snipping tool.

Snipping Tool Shortcut

1) If you haven’t already create a shortcut on your desktop for the snipping tool. The quickest way to do this is to Right Click on the snipping tool in the Start Menu and select ‘Send To’, ‘Desktop (Create Shortcut)’. A new icon should appear on your desktop for the snipping tool.

2) Right click on the icon and select ‘Properties’

3) In the Properties dialog, select the Shortcut window and click in the Shortcut Key box.

4) Simply hit the key on your keyboard that you wish to use as your Snipping Tool hotkey e.g. F and the Shortcut Key box will populate with ‘Ctrl + Alt + F’

5) Finally click on OK to save the Hotkey

You can test your new HotKey by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys and hitting your selected key 🙂

How to capture the Start Menu

Start Menu captured!
Start Menu captured!

We discovered a handy little tip for the snipping tool over at Microsoft.

If you have ever wanted to ‘snip’ the Start Menu or capture a drop down item list then just follow these simple steps

1) Start the Snipping Tool
2) Press ‘Esc’ or click the Cancel button in the tool to cancel the current snip or capture
3) Open the Start Menu or the drop down list you wish to capture
4) Now the important step, press the CTRL + Prnt Scrn keys simultaneously
5) You will notice that your screen goes into ‘snip’ mode i.e. it greys out, yet the menu or drop down still appears
6) Now you can snip away capturing your image as normal

It may seem counter-intuitive to use the CTRL + Prnt Scrn keys as this action will normally copy a screen shot to the clipboard but of course you will still have to crop/edit that image in an image processing tool.

This method allows you to crop the image straight away and then of course have all of the edit functionality of the Snipping Tool itself.