Screenshot of Iphone: How to take Iphone Screenshot

People often ask me how to take Iphone Screenshot. basically, like everything else from Apple doing complicated things can be made easy. With the Iphone you can take  screenshot without using any other app. To take a screenshot of the content of the Iphone you will need to follow this simple steps.

1.  First, navigate to the screen you want to take a short of. For the sake of this article let’s take the Weather apps.

2. When you have the screen open on the iphone press the “Home” Button and hold it.

3.  While holding the home button press once the power button to take the screenshot. You will see the screen flash once. That’s it. The result will look like below.

Screenshot of Iphone
Screenshot of Iphone


4, The image will be saved to the end of the Camera Roll.

Easier you cannot have it.