Microsoft Snip Editor Tools

A while back we mentioned the Microsoft Snip App which is available for download here. This is a relatively new snipping tool application from Microsoft and we believe will replace the current snipping tool in future versions of Windows.

At the time we described the Snip App’s functionality but we glossed over the Snip Editor tools that are available once you have taken your snip. These tools are a massive step up from the limited set in the standard snipping tool and are great for people looking to annotate their snips. So let’s take a deeper look at these tools.

Snip Editor Toolbar
Snip Editor Toolbar

On the left-hand side of the stylish tool bar, you can see some similar options from the original Snipping Tool. These allow you to draw on areas of your snip and highlight sections as desired. There’s a slightly expanded selection of pen colours but otherwise this is pretty much as it always has been.

But we have skipped past a great snip annotation tool. On the extreme left is the Record tool indicated by a microphone icon. Clicking on the icon changes the Snip Editor window into a video recording tool. Your snip is highlighted and any drawing or highlighting you carry out is recorded as video. Plus audio is recorded at the same time, allowing you to add commentary to you your visual notes. You can pause the recording, whilst you gather your thoughts perhaps. Clicking Stop will complete the recording and offer you a number of further options.

Snip Recording Options
Snip Recording Options
  • Redo will obviously discard the current recording and allow you to start over.
  • Play will playback your recording
  • Delete, after a confirmation prompt, will remove any annotation you applied to the snip but not the snip itself.
  • Link uploads your recording to and provides you with a link to send out
  • Embed copies html to the clipboard, which can be pasted into a web page to display your recording online
  • Copy appears to copy the link to your clipboard
  • Facebook allows you to share your recording on the popular social media site
  • OneNote allows you to send your recording to a specific page in your OneNote files

This is a great improvement to the standard Snipping Tool and we’re sure it will encourage new users to use the standard snipping tool rather than having to resort to a third-party tool.

We’ll take a look at other tools and functionality offered by the Microsoft Snip App in a future post.