The Snip App is Dead, Long Live the Snipping Tool!

Wow, we didn’t pick this at all, but Microsoft is retiring the Snip App. Here’s a ‘snippet’ of the announcement.

We really appreciated your time and effort during this experiment. We have decided to discontinue development of Snip, and on May 1, 2018 the app will stop working, and you will no longer have access to your snips. 

You can export your screenshots with ink and voice recordings as video files (.mp4) from the library tab on the Snip toolbar.

So not only will the App stop working but you will lose all your snips? So any snips you have made with the Snip App and stored in its internal Library will disappear. This is a pretty harsh decision, especially as it appears the ‘export’ feature is on a snip by snip basis with no bulk export option obviously available.

Anyway, such is life in the world of software development, products come and go and we just move onto the next flavour – Netscape Navigator anyone?

And it appears that the Snip App was to enable Microsoft to develop their Windows Ink Workspace. Whilst the Ink Workspace looks like a great tool, it lacks the simple interface provided by the Snip App.

We assume the original Snipping Tool will still be part of Windows installs going forward but who knows for certain!

Share your thoughts below, do you use the Snip App? Do you think it’s any good? Do you prefer the Windows Snipping Tool? Let us know!