New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10

The main new feature in the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 is the addition of the Delay option on the main menu bar


This option allows you to select a delay in seconds that will occur between when you press New and when the Snipping Tool grays out the screen for selection. This feature allows you to click on menus etc before making a selection. These menus or options may have been ones that disappear when the New button is clicked i.e. when the Snipping Tool regains focus in Windows. With the delay option you can now set focus to other applications even Windows itself before selecting your ‘snip’. For example, this will allow you to take snips of fly-out drop down menus, the Windows start menu etc. A delay between 0 (normal snipping mode) and 5 seconds can be set.┬áHere’s how to use this new feature

  1. Start the Snipping Tool
  2. Set the Delay option to the desired snipping delay
  3. Click New and the Snipping Tool will momentarily disappear
  4. Now open/close the menus you require to snip
  5. After the delay has expired, your screen will go opaque and you will be able to snip menus etc that would normally close when clicking New on the Snipping Tool

The first minor change we found was the removal of the Display icon in the Quick Launch toolbar from the Snipping Tool Options dialog.


Another small change was the addition of a Print option once you had captured a snip.


12 thoughts on “New Snipping Tool features in Windows 10”

  1. I am going to try. There is confusion when any of you techs write like you assume we really knew or was aware of the previous snipping tool.

    I just found out about “screen shot” when I was told to take a screen shot of a reservation page to show updated cost. I said, “I don’t l
    know how to do that”.

    Reading through your directions and reading the comments gives me a better picture of how to use and why to use…

    Just saying, everyone using PC is not of the or born in the computer frequency time…

    Anyway thank you and your site was the most concise.

    What and Why’s

    1. Hi Beverly,

      I’m glad you found the site helpful.

      We do try to pitch the site at relative computer novices but sometimes we do get this wrong, so we will keep in mind your comments for future posts.

    2. Thank you Beverly Taylor for your comments to the tech regarding our “To the manor born”. I love it! I am 74yo and did not even look at a PC until 1991. I used it for business with Quickbks..Now that I am home all the time and disabled..I am looking into other options for playing with this fascinating machine..One prob..Nobody talks at my level thanks a bunch for setting that tech straight about probably the majority of us users!!

  2. My current Snip Tool quit downloading screen captures. I followed your directions, installed the Snip icon on my task bar, snipped a screen image, clicked “save as”, and… nothing was saved. At least nothing I could find. If you cannot find your download, you have NO download. My designated Home Page has always received my “save as” downloads, which I then distribute to various folders. Now I am unable to snip anything. Do I just forget about screen capture? I’ve switched to Windows 10– is it that the newer the OS the poorer the performance?

    1. Hi Paul, sorry to hear about your issue with the snipping tool. When you see the Save as dialog, the location of where your snipped screen images are stored will be in the folder bar at the top of the dialog.

      Hope that helps

  3. I just started using Windows 10, found the Snipping tool, only to find that the resize option (which I used frequently prior) is no longer easily available.
    Any explanation?

    1. Hi Limestone,

      Unfortunately we are not aware of a resize option in the Snipping Tool software, certainly in recent versions. We checked a Windows Vista version and it wasn’t in that version. We also found an article on Microsoft Answers that implies there wasn’t such a feature in the Windows 7 or 8 versions. There doesn’t appear to one in the new Microsoft App ‘Snip’ either.

      Can you elaborate as to how you used to resize your snips?


  4. When I click ‘New’ the text on the screen is replaced with a large black square and you cannot see the area you wish to snip. All you can do is draw a freeform shape on the black square.

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