Try Snip and Sketch

In a recent Windows 10 feature update (version 1809) Microsoft have added a message that the Snipping Tool is moving ….

Try Snip & Sketch

Microsoft are offering a different snipping tool to try with the ‘Snip & Sketch’ App which is already installed in Windows 10. It is also available from the Windows App Store. Snip and Sketch at first glance looks like a revamped version of the old Snip App from a few years ago with a very similar interface.

There are enhanced and added features around the ‘Sketch’ aspect of the App, with the Touch Writing function added for touch screen devices plus ruler and protractor measuring tools.

One thing missing from the original Snip App is a Library feature. We actually thought this quite handy for storing individual snips. It is possible that this feature made the App too cumbersome on smaller devices. When saving a captured snip in ‘Snip & Sketch’ the File Name option is prefilled with date and time allowing for a certain amount of automatic ordered archiving of snips without too much manual input.

We’re glad to see that the old Snip App has been resurrected, at least in part. Whilst the current Snipping Tool is adequate, it does look and feel like a hangover from Windows XP days. So it is good to see a new version with both enhanced look and enhanced features.

We will take a longer long at ‘Snip & Sketch’ in a future post.