3 Free Screen Capture Software as replacement to Windows 7 Snipping tool

Why spend money when you can get something for free? You might have the same thought when it comes to getting screen capture software. Although, Microsoft Windows 7 Screen capture software is free, it does have some limitations. Below you will find 3 great screen capture software you might consider as addition to your windows 7 Snipping tool.

Windows 7 Snipping tool Replacement 1: ScreenHunter 5 Free

ScreenHunter 5 Free is free screen capture software which runs under all versions of Windows and comes with both 32-bit and 64. This free version has some limitations as well because there is a pro version with better features that the developer would like you to buy. However, for most users the screen captures capabilities in the free version might just be enough.


Windows 7 Snipping tool Replacement 2: SnapaShot

This is a very small application but versatile. It can make screenshot of different sizes. The only thing you have to do is just open Snapa, resize it’s window to fit the area you want to save, and  press “Save” button, then you are done.



Windows 7 Snipping tool Replacement 3: Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwim Printscreen is absolutely free and was created to be tiny and simple to use. You can use it either to capture a screenshot and save it or send it to the printer.  All you have to do is to hit a pre-defined key on your keyboard and you are done.



Why not try out these 3 screen capture software and see how they compare to the Windows 7 Snipping tool?