Download snipping tool for xp?

Can You Download The Snipping Tool For XP?

The Microsoft Snipping tool is only available for certain versions of the Windows Operating System. If you want to download snipping tool for XP then you are out of luck. The only version of Windows XP with a snipping tool is Windows XP tablet edition. If you have that then you will also need the Experience Pack that goes with it.

The snipping tool works like a camera and takes pictures of areas of your screen. Using this tool would mean that you could be saving time as well as being more productive. There are some features on some of the computers that allow you to print a copy of whatever is on your screen.

Since you cannot download snipping tool for XP then why not take a look at some free alternatives to download snipping tool for XP here.

Download snipping tool for xp,

Snipping Tool for XP

Snipping Tool for XP

If you have windows XP then you may have noticed that you cannot find the snipping tool. This is because based on my experience the Snipping Tool does not exist within Windows XP Professional. It will only work with Windows XP Tablet PC which is a different OS designed for Tablet PCs. I have not been able to find any Windows XP Snipping tool from Microsoft. The only way Microsoft wants you to take a screenshot is to use the print screen command.  You can press the Print Screen key and then open Microsoft Paint and paste the result into it. From there you are able to edit the image.

Free Snipping Tool for XP

There is a complicated method to make the Snipping tool to work with XP, but why should you bother when there are free Snipping Tools for XP out there.

The first Snipping Tool for XP solution is a cool little program called Snippy.

Snipping tool for Xp
Snipping tool for XP

Snippy is a simple executable to capture your screen image. After it is started you will see a scissors sitting in your icon tray and when you right click on the scissors you will see the settings. Set the options and play around with it. When you capture, it will sent the image directly to the clipboard.  You can find snippy here at Snippy

Gadwin PrintScreen 4.0 Preferences
Snipping tool for XP Alternative

Gadwin Print Screen is a more advanced Snipping tool for XP than Snippy and does a great job too. You can find it here Gadwin Printscreen .

These two image capture programs are great snipping tools for XP and great alternatives to the Windows Snipping tool for XP users.