Snipping Tool Application Options

Having taken a look at the ‘Snip’ options available in the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, we thought we’d take a quick look at the application options as well. Clicking on the Options cog in the initial Snipping Tool window opens up the ‘Snipping Tool Options’ dialog

Screen grab of the Windows Snipping Tool options dialog window
Snipping Tool Options Dialog

These options allow the user to tailor the Snipping Tool to suit their needs. Let’s work through each of these to see what effect they have on the application

  1. Hide Instruction Text

By default, this option is turned off. Selecting this option will remove help text in various areas of the Snipping Tool application. An example of this is in the initial Snipping Tool window, which displays help text below the main menu choices. Selecting this option will remove this text as seen in these two images.

Screen grab of snipping tool application with help text displayed
Help Text Displayed
Screen grab of Windows Snipping Tool without help text
Help Text Removed






2. Always copy snips to the Clipboard

Pretty much self-explanatory, by default when snipping, the application will store any snip to the clipboard automatically. Deselecting this option will turn this (handy) feature off.

3. Include URL below snips (HTML only)

According to Windows online support when a snip is saved as an HTML file from a browser window, the URL will appear below the snip if this option is set. Turning off the option will prevent the URL appearing below the snip. We tested this option and were never able to see the URL displayed.

4. Prompt to save snips before exiting

Again pretty much self-explanatory, setting this option will prevent you from losing a snip you haven’t yet saved if you close the Snipping Tool application. When this option is set then the dialog below is displayed if the current snip has not been saved.

screen capture of prompt to save snip on closing of snipping tool
Save Prompt Dialog






5. Show screen overlay when Snipping Tool is active

When selected this option ensures an overlay is displayed outside the selected area during the snipping process. Deselecting this option will prevent the overlay from appearing.

Screen grab of a snip with overlay option on
Snip with Overlay
Screen grab of snip with overlay option not set
Snip without Overlay









Underneath the five Application options are another couple of Selection options. The first of these options is the Ink Color of the pen that can be used to draw on the snip image. The user is offered sixteen colour options, which are somewhat bizarrely the same colours as defined in the HTML 4.0 definition.

The final option, ‘Show selection ink after snips are captured’, determines whether a border is displayed around the snip during any editing. This border is the same colour as the ink colour selected for the pen.

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  1. Not one article has told me what the snipping tool is used for. I have never seen/used/or heard of it before. It might be a good idea to have a vid. that will help newbies like me.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Sorry you didn’t find the website helpful. Most of the visitors to the site already use the Windows Snipping Tool to some degree.

      However, may be a ‘What is’ post would be a good idea for newbies like yourself.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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