Snipping Tool ‘Snip’ Options

Most of us probably just make ‘rectangular’ snips when using the Windows Snipping Tool. But there are a few other options available when using the Snipping Tool.

These alternative snips are available in a drop down from the ‘New’ option in the Snipping Tool.

Snip Options

1) Free-form Snip

This option allows the user to define a free-hand snip area to be captured.

2) Rectangular Snip

Default option, allows a snip selection by using a click and drag operation of the mouse to define a rectangular snip area.

3) Window Snip

Allows the user to select an open application window on the desktop to be snipped.

4) Full-screen Snip

Takes a full screen snip, spanning across multiple monitors if appropriate.

Once you have selected one of these options, it becomes your initial snip option even if the snipping tool is restarted.

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