Windows Key shortcut for the Snipping Tool

Another top tip for Snipping Tool enthusiasts. You can actually bypass the Snipping Tool’s interface entirely by using this shortcut – Windows Key + Shift + S.

This key combination jumps straight into the Snipping Tool, greys out the screen and displays crosshairs for the user to select the section of the screen they wish to capture. Having snipped the display (as below), the selection is then copied to the clipboard to allow you to paste it into whatever software you wish.

Windows Key Snipping Tool Shortcut

Of course this bypasses the Snipping Tool’s own image editing capabilities, but of course you may prefer to edit your snips in some other software, in which case this shortcut is ideal for you. When we tested this, we could quickly snip screenshots into a new browser-based email.

Whilst not necessarily suitable in all circumstances, this shourtcut, Windows Key + Shift + S, is a great way to quickly take a snip and paste it wherever. It’s also possibly the fastest way to take a snip in Windows!