Snipping Tool in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is in the process of releasing the Creators Update for Windows 10, find out if you have it already and if not how you can get it. As usual, we’ve checked this new version of Windows to see if there have been any changes to whereabouts of the Snipping Tool or any of its features.

Mode option on Snipping Tool toolbar
New ‘Mode’ Option

Upon starting the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 Creators Update, we can already see a visual, yet simple change with the introduction of a fifth option, ‘Mode’, to the toolbar.

Unfortunately, the features it offers are nothing new, Microsoft have simply moved the ‘snip shape’ selections from the ‘New’ option to an option of their own. No new shapes have been added, just the usual four are available, namely, ‘Free-form’, ‘Rectangular’, ‘Window’ and ‘Full-screen’.

The only other changes were cosmetic, the ‘Eraser’ has been renamed ‘Rubber’ and the pen and highlighter icons have been updated.

Otherwise, everything else is just about the same, no new features or tools, and is where it was in the general Windows 10 version. A bit of a let-down really, as we were hoping for something new or at least an upgrade to the new Windows Snip App. Let us know what you think of the ‘new’ version of the Snipping Tool in the comment section below.

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